Business and innovation

Central Denmark Region is home to 68,000 private enterprises employing a total of 450,000 full-time employees. They have an annual turnover of DKK 670 billion and their annual exports amount to DKK 170 billion. In order to facilitate the competitiveness of these companies and create new jobs, the Central Denmark Region regularly launches new initiatives with a consistent emphasis on financial viability as well as environmental and social sustainability.

So far more than 10,000 Central Denmark enterprises have been given support by the Region and studies have shown they have gained a headstart as far as turnover, exports, revenue and number of jobs are concerned.

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Global challenges require global solutions. Collaborating in broad partnerships with industry, educational facilities, NGOs and other public organisations, the Central Denmark Region is striving to find better solutions to benefit enterprises and citizens alike.

The cities and towns of tomorrow will be challenged by increasing urbanisation but this also offers businesses in the Region some exceptional opportunities, as sustainable and holistic welfare solutions are increasingly in demand on the global market. In order to create sustainable solutions, innovative thinking and collaboration across sectors, professions and traditional fields of businesses will be required to a greater extent in order to meet the complex challenges faced by cities and towns.

The Central Denmark Region is proactively promoting and spreading knowledge of the potential of a circular economy, as a means of addressing global challenges and the resource scarcity to which we are already subject and which will only increase in future years. This gives rise to new product and service designs, new payment models and alternative partnership designs between public and private players.

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Knowledge Cooperation:

The Central Denmark Region has knowledge and experience in establishing cooperation between knowledge institutions and SMEs.
Evaluation of the “Short-cut to New Knowledge 2011-2014” project states that the project created new ways to enter the Danish innovation system and that as a result, Central Denmark enterprises have as good conditions for knowledge cooperation as enterprises in countries with the most powerful general programs for knowledge cooperation such as Switzerland, Germany and Great Britain. The project has served as an inspiration for similar initiatives in Ireland and Poland.

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The Central Denmark Region takes a coordinated approach to creating better conditions for the establishment, development and growth of entrepreneurs. This effort includes guidance for entrepreneurs, access to venture capital and an initiative to promote entrepreneurship in the educational system.

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