Education and Life-long Learning

Better Education

The Central Denmark Region has a number of tasks in the area of youth education aimed at ensuring, among other things, that there are education options across the entire region. Furthermore, the Central Denmark Region has a fund to support new initiatives in the field of education.

The level of education in the region is fairly high. Almost all young people stay in education after completing basic schooling and eventually take a college education.

The following educational facilities are located in the Central Denmark Region:

  • 636 Primary and Lower Secondary Schools
  • 36 Upper Secondary (General and Vocational) Schools - 5 of which offer the International Bacchelaureate (IB)
  • 87 Professional and Vocational Colleges
  • 8 Higher Education Facilities offering short-term College Degrees (Academy Profession)
  • 11 Higher Education Facilities offering middle-range College Degrees (Bachelor and Professional Bachelor)
  • 5 Higher Education Facilities offering long-term College Degrees (PhD and Masters)

Labour market and Life-Long Learning

Ensuring effective, demand-driven Life Long Learning is a priority. By working together with social partners we are striving to ensure that training is designed and supplied according to needs:

  • Kompetenceforsyning Midt (Competence Supply Midt / Competence Supply Central Denmark)
  • Det Midtjyske Kompetenceråd (The Central Denmark Advisory Board for Lifelong Learning)
  • Viden til Vækst (Knowledge for Growth)
  • Det Regionale Vidennetværk (Central Denmark’s Regional Network for Innovation and Lifelong learning

Foreign workers

In order to attract new talent and ensure an adequate supply of qualified labour, additional initiatives are focused on how to attract and retain workers from abroad.

  • Welcoming and retaining foreign labour (Work, live, stay in Central Denmark)
  • Retaining of foreign students (Study and stay in Central Denmark)