Energy Hub

One special feature of Central Denmark Region is that there is already a large amount of renewable energy in the energy system.

This is being followed up with ambitious goals and plans for the further development of renewable energy. The region has a high concentration of wind energy businesses including some of the world’s largest manufacturers, Vestas and Siemens, which have also attracted wind turbine manufacturers from all over the world.

In the region you can also find knowledge institutions, businesses and test facilities working on bio-refining, biogas and biomass for energy. The region is looking for ways to develop bio economy strategies and projects.

The region is looking for ways to further develop the Bio-economy, and strengthen strategic renewable energy planning. The Central Denmark Region wishes to develop the supply chain for the wind industry and encourage the development of clean-tech SMEs. The region is looking into biogas production, how to upgrade it for the natural gas system and use it for transportation. Focus is on sustainable use of biomass for energy. The region is also dedicated to disseminating information about Danish energy efficient central heating solutions to interested partners abroad.

Central Denmark Region - as The Leading Energy and Environment Region

Vision and Targets

Target for Business Development

Targets for Development in the Proportion of Renewable Energy

Environmental Targets