Central Denmark Region and Shanghai celebrated the 10th anniversary of their sister city agreement in 2013.  The relationship with one of the world’s largest and most innovative cities strengthens the international profile of Central Denmark Region benefitting enterprises, institutions and organisations throughout the region.

The International Relations Office at the Regional Headquarters in Viborg manages the sister city agreement. The agreement has numerous focus areas and activities all of which support the vision of the Central Denmark Region to become an attractive and sustainable region.

Business and Regional Development

Several activities and initiatives within the sister city agreement are directed towards companies. In late summer 2016 the business program "Midtnet Kina" will be launced, assisting companies to adapt products and solutions to the Chinese market.

Knowledge Exchange and Visits

Delegations from Shanghai often visit Central Denmark Region to gather inspiration and experience from the health- and eldercare sector; within food safety and implementation of food regulations; innovation and education and many other topics.

Research and Education

The research institutions in the region are supported by the Central Denmark Region in their efforts aimed towards China. This is done by creating relevant platforms for collaboration with Chinese partners, by facilitating knowledge sharing between research institutions and by establishing contacts to the pertinent authorities and decision makers in the City of Shanghai, among other things.

Cultural- and Educational Exchange 

The Educational Policy of Central Denmark Region focuses on Globalisation, and by means of the strategic co-operation with Shanghai we support collaboration between educational institutions and their Chinese counterparts. The co-operation agreement with Shanghai also encompasses exchange in the field of culture and the Central Denmark Region supports numerous Danish-Chinese cultural activities in the region.

Contact Information

Ms. Pia Fabrin
Head of Secretariat

Email: pia.fabrin@ru.rm.dk

Mobile: +45  2160 1445 

Regional Headquarter, Skottenborg 26, DK- 8800 Viborg, Denmark


Visit our Linkedin site containing news and most recent information on activities in Denmark and China: Linkedin

Or find us on the Chinese social media WeChat, where we have a profile.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

The co-operation agreement between Central Denmark Region and Shanghai is supplemented by a number of letters of intent, MoU’s, specifying projects and activities to be accomplished within a specific number of years. The two current MoU’s can be viewed here:

MoU with Shanghai

MoU with Science and Technology Commission Shanghai Municipality

Our Representative Office in Shanghai

In order to strengthen ties with local authorities and promote the interests and competencies of the region in Shanghai, Central Denmark Region set up a representative office in Shanghai in 2006. 

This physical presence in Shanghai and the close contact with authorities over the years has fostered several joint-projects between partners in Central Denmark Region and Shanghai.  

In Spring 2016 it was decided to close down the representative office in order to liberate funds to invest in even more mutual projects, exchanges and collaborations.