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- providing citizens and clinicians with data-driven solutions to optimize health care.   Streg_MidtRød_1040x4px.png


Having a new born in Central Denmark Region means having a digital care guide that optimizes the flow of communication with and for parents during the proces. The aim is to provide this digital tool as a communication platform between patients and clinical staff widely cross the hosptials in the region. Photo: Rune Borre-Jensen, Central Denmark Region

Central Denmark Region and our hospitals play a significant role in the Danish healthcare system.

The Danish health care system is world-class and characterized by a high degree of specialization, technological solutions and digitization as well as a long-standing tradition for systematic collection of data in local as well as national databases and registries with extremely high validity and completeness.

Using evidence-based and data-driven solutions is our key to transform health care in a society characterized by a high level of public digitisation facing a constant demand to improve health for more citizens for less money. 


Being a front runner in digital health

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Digital health - a European pole position (THEDAS)