It is not always easy to know the correct place to submit a complaint. It is not unusual either for a complaint to touch on several points, each of which has to be handled by different authorities.

You are entitled to submit complaints about anything relating to the health service via Patientkontoret. Patientkontoret provides impartial guidance and advice about your options with regard to submitting a complaint or seeking compensation. However, complaints may also be submitted directly to the relevant authority dealing with the type of complaint or compensation.

Patientkontoret can assist you in formulating the complaint or submitting it to the correct authority. Patientkontoret can also provide you with further guidance and information on patient rights.
Contact Patientkontoret:


All patients are covered by a public compensation scheme. The scheme covers injury or harm sustained in connection with treatment at a public hospital, a private hospital, through your own GP, through a specialist, or through other privately practising authorised health care professionals.

The scheme also covers injury or harm caused by medicines. It is the job of Patienterstatningen to ensure that patients receive the compensation they are entitled to by law. Injuries should be reported to Patienterstatningen – this is a free service.

For further information about Patienterstatningen, please visit, where you can also download report forms and leaflets. Patientkontoret is there to help you.


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