Free choice of hospital

In Denmark you have free choice of hospitals. This gives you the right to choose between all public hospitals in the country, including a selection of private specialty hospitals. Should you wish to use your right to choose a specific hospital, then you must contact the department to which you have currently been assigned to. They will supervise you, and you may ask them to send your files to the specific hospital of your choice, where you want your treatment situated.

Should you choose to make use of this option, it is advisable for you to make your choice before the preliminary examinations, as the new hospital may wish to be doing the examinations on their own.

In case of acute admissions to the hospital with ambulance and without physician’s referral, the ambulance will be driving you to the nearest hospital. After the examination on the hospital you may choose another public hospital for your treatment. Should you choose to do so, then the transport will be at your own expense.

Extended free choice of hospital

Extended free choice of hospital means that if the region cannot provide a treatment or a diagnostic observation within a month, all patients may choose to get a diagnostic observation or treatment at a private hospital. However, these three conditions must fulfilled:

  • You must be referred to a public hospital.
  • The private hospital must be able to provide a quicker treatment than the region.
  • There must exist an agreement between the regions and the private hospital regarding the treatment.

You can also make use of extended free choice of hospital in case of an alteration to or cancellation of the date a surgical treatment, regardless of the hospital being able to offer an earlier date or a date approximate to the altered / cancelled date.

In the call-up letter you will get a briefing of your possibilities regarding free and extended free choice of hospital. You may contact "Patientkontoret" (the patient services), should you wish to make use of any of these options.

Where expanded free choice of hospital CANNOT be utilized

You cannot benefit from the extended free choice of hospital if you do not fulfill the three conditions mentioned above.

Extended free choice of hospital is also not an option, if you have been referred to:

  • Organ transplantation
  • Sterilization
  • Fertility treatment
  • Re-fertility treatment
  • Hearing device treatment
  • Cosmetic treatment
  • Sex change operation
  • Stay in a convalescent home


Should you choose to make use of the free or extended free choice of hospital, you must cover your own travel expenses. You may receive reimbursement for the part of the travel corresponding to the expenses Region Midtjylland (Central Denmark Region) would have been obliged to cover, had you been treated at the hospital chosen by Region Midtjylland (Central Denmark Region).
If you have further questions about transportation, then you may contact "Kørselskontoret" (The Travel Office).

Options regarding your possibilities in case of life threatening cancer and certain heart diseases

If you suffer from life threatening cancer or a certain heart disease, then you have the right to choose between both free and extended free choice of hospital. Furthermore, you have the right to treatment under the special rules of maximum waiting time. You can get more information at Patientkontoret and in the pamphlet “Maksimale ventetider på behandling for kræft og visse hjertesygdomme på sygehus" (maximum waiting time for cancer and certain heart diseases). The pamphlet is available (in Danish) at


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