A good treatment course is based on mutual trust

As a patient you are entitled to get information about medical condition and treatment options, if you have reached the age of 15.

If a patient is below the age of 15, then whoever holds the parental custody is the one who must be informed. The child may be informed to an extent, so he/she is capable of understanding the circumstances of the treatment.

As a patient, you are to be provided with:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment options – the relevant possibilities
  • Risks and side effects – which may occur due to examination or treatment. When treatment procedure entails an obvious risk of serious side effects and complications, then the information given to the patient must be more thorough and detailed than in case of lesser and more routine based and safer operations
  • Consequences – in case you have no wish for treatment
  • The treatment course and the treatment results.

As a patient, you are also entitled to refuse receiving information about your medical condition and treatment options. This also implies risks relating to complications and side effects. Should you not wish to know the result of an examination/treatment, then the staff must respect this.


Januar 2011
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