Focus on well-being and mental health among young people.

An attractive region for students also means a region able to retain the young people and where drop-out rates from education programmes are low. This is a challenge we will solve together with municipalities, educational institutions and educational counsellors.

To do this, we need to know more about the challenges young people face. We can use data on sickness absenteeism, attendance rates, distance to educational institutions, type of accommodation and use of student counselling to get familiar with these challenges. The data will map out reasons for drop-outs and it will be possible for the educational institutions to predict and prevent students from dropping out.

If young people do not thrive, the risk of not completing their education is higher. We wish to put this challenge on the agenda. As a region, we have a good starting point for initiating collaborations with the educational institutions, social psychiatry and municipalities to help the young people believe in themselves and to support them in their completion of an education.