Promoting regional development is one of Central Denmark Region's two main tasks - the other being the provision of health and welfare services.

The Department of Regional Development in Central Denmark Region provides a plan for development in collaboration with municipalities and other local actors. The Department of Regional Development is responsible for the planning and development of public transport, education and solving tasks related to handling contaminated groundwater and land.

According to the overall vision the Central Denmark Region will be an international growth region in a cohesive Denmark by 2030. Therefore we see ourselves as an active partner in the increasing globalisation and we address the challenges that the region faces in order to be among the most competitive regions in Europe.

The EU Office in Brussels as well as a long range of international collaboration and development projects support this vision.

The department of Regional Development solves most of our tasks in collaboration with others. In addition to the international partners we collaborate with the 19 municipalities in the Central Denmark Region, national authorities, knowledge and educational institutions, the private sector, the Central Denmark Employment Region, employer and employee organisations and business promotions agencies. 

Staff and tasks

100 employees stationed in two regional centres located in the cities of Viborg and Holstebro are responsible for:

  • Preparing the long term development plan for the Central Denmark Region
  • Preparing a Raw Materials Plan
  • Protecting groundwater resources and control contaminiation of land
  • Improve access to education and life-long learning
  • Provide a coherent regional public transport infrastructure
  • Promote networking and international scope in arts and culture

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Our vision:

An international

growth region in a

cohesive Denmark

by 2030