For the citizens, health and new solutions can be other things than just a visit to the general practitioner or the municipal rehabilitation facility. Participation in cultural activities can play an important role for our physical and mental health.

Combining culture and health attracts considerable attention in the western world, where more and more people are affected by stress, anxiety and depression.

In Central Denmark Region, we will be on the forefront developing and combining culture and health based on the latest research. We have e.g. a choir for patients with lung diseases and book clubs where people with stress or depression read together at the region’s public libraries.

The healthcare system should be open to the new services. Experiences are positive using alternatives to the traditional technological and medical offers.

Projects and partnerships

To fulfil our ambitions, we know the importance of strong partnerships, and we wish to engage in more partnerships to find new solutions to emerging challenges.

Please find below examples of some of the health innovation projects and partnerships where Central Denmark Region is involved.

Culture and Health