Central Denmark Region wants to generate change and innovation through transparent and rewarding collaborations with international partners and learn from the world’s best regions. For example, it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the Shanghai City-Province in China, covering areas such as welfare technology and IT innovation.

Central Denmark Region has also formalised partnerships with a series of foreign regions in Hungary, Poland, Russia, etc. Finally, it is participating in a series of international projects with mainly European partners.

Central Denmark Region is highly active in the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR) and its work with EU institutions involved in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea areas. The CPMR’s influence on EU regional policy and subsequent allocation of EU structural funds plays a crucial role in the options available to Central Denmark Region.

Central Denmark Region’s membership of the European network EURADA and the EU2020 Monitoring Platform have enabled it to exchange knowledge and know-how. Central Denmark Region is also a member of Districts of Creativity, a global network of the most creative and innovative regions around the world. Districts of Creativity strengthens Central Denmark Region’s entrepreneurial culture by promoting innovation and creativity in the region.