Central Denmark Region strives to ensure a good life for all citizens. Our ambition is to be an attractive and sustainable region contributing to and promoting solutions to major challenges both nationally and globally. 

Central Denmark Region is part of something bigger and our strategy is based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

To fulfil our ambitions, we know the importance of strong partnerships with knowledge institutions, private and public companies as well as organisations both regionally, nationally and internationally, and we wish to engage in more partnerships to find new solutions to emerging challenges.

Central Denmark Region is involved in various international projects and partnerships. Please read more about these below.

Coast to Coast Climate Challenge

TSI - Move Forward

ENCORE - Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe


Management of excess soil

Renewable energy for emission reduction

Circular economy

The Central Denmark Region Technology Pact

European Region of Culture

Shortcut to Europe

Culture and Health

Districts of Creativity

Health innovation eco-system

Science meets Regions - Preventing malnutrition among elderly citizens

Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions

Central Denmark EU Office