Vinder af landsbyprisen 2018.

Central Denmark Region is the European Region of Gastronomy. In the same way as culture, food and gastronomy are catalysts for creating strong communities and local identities as well as an encouragement for developing local food products and tastes.

We wish to take advantage of our position as an internationally acknowledged food region to engage local communities, culture and educational institutions to raise the gastronomical level in the region. We will do this by further taking advantage of local ingredients to make more and better food experiences for citizens and visitors. This will create activity within the field of food experiences, culture, nature and gastronomy – and it will develop both urban and rural districts of the region. 

We wish to lead the way for local communities and make them exploit their potential and obtain a special role to meet the UN goals of sustainable development. 

Solutions to global challenges often start locally. The ambition is that a regional effort in the rural areas will contribute with new ideas and be a part of the other tasks of the region within climate, energy solutions, environment, health, mobility, culture and access to education. The Village of the Year award is an example of this.

Culture and gastronomy make significant contributions to ensure the good life across the whole region.