Transportation and Infrastructure

Public Transport

Central Denmark Region provides a regional bus service. The buses cover all municipalities and run between the larger cities in the region. ”Midttrafik”, the regional public transport company, ensures buses and trains are well coordinated. A collaboration between Central Denmark Region, ”Midttrafik” and the Municipality of Aarhus is establishing a Light Rail system in the Aarhus area. Light Rail services are expected to open in 2017. For more information about “Midttraffik” and public transport in the region go to: (


Central Denmark Region and the 19 municipalities in the region collaborate to attract national investments benefiting road and rail infrastructure in Central Denmark. Extensive, modern infrastructure is vital to strengthen regional growth and development.

A fixed Kattegat Link

The Central Denmark Region is working on establishing a fixed link – bridge or tunnel – across Kattegat between Jutland and Zealand. Such a link would reduce travel time between the two largest cities in Denmark, Copenhagen and Aarhus, to one hour, and would generate growth and development across the country.

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