Contract notice  – Design and build of new Heliport,  Aarhus University Hospital.

Central Denmark Region invites interested companies to prequalify for the provision of Design and build of new Heliport at the Cardiology Department, Aarhus University Hospital, located  at Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard, DK-8200 Aarhus N, Denmark.  

  1. Contracting authority
    Central Denmark Region
    Project Department, Aarhus University Hospital
    Hedeager 3, Skejby
    DK-8200 Aarhus N,

  2. Client consultant
    Aaboulevarden 80
    DK-8000 Aarhus C
    Contact: Hans-Henrik Lang, E-Mail:

  3. Tender procedure
    The Contract is offered in limited tender after prequalification in accordance with the Danish Act on Tendering Procedures for Work Contracts (”Lov om indhentning af tilbud på visse offentlige og offentlige støttede kontrakter”).

  4. Short description of the contract
    The contract will consist of design and build of helicopter platform with a diameter of approx. 27.5 meter, designed for helicopter type EC 145. The platform main structure must be designed and built of aluminium. The platform must be elevated approx. 13.5 meters above ground level, on a mono tower designed in aluminum, steel or reinforced concrete.

    Moreover, the contract will include an aluminum connection bridge connection the helipad with the hospital, emergency escape staircase from the plat form to ground level, foundation for the helipad structure, firefighting equipment (including water tank), lighting systems and necessary flight communication equipment.

    The contract includes all necessary approvals from authorities, including building permit.

    Planning permission and Environmental Impact Assessment approval will be provided by the Client.

  5. Limitations on the number of prequalification contractors
    3 to 4 general contractors will be invited to tender.

  6. Conditions for participation
    Information and formalities necessary for evaluating whether the requirements have been met:

    6.1. Company name, address and company reg. no., telephone no., e-mail address, name of contact person with the applicant.

    6.2. Presentation of consultants and major subcontractors that will be used.

    6.3. The General Contractor’s references for similar assignments in the past 5 years.

    6.4. Consultants and major subcontractors’ references for similar assignments in the past 5 years.

    6.5. Solemn Declaration on unpaid due debts to the public pursuant to executive order (DK) 336 of 13 May 1997

    6.6. A declaration certified by the tenderer's auditor listing the tenderer's turnover, result before tax, equity capital and balance sheet total for the most recent three financial years. Alternatively, audited and approved annual reports for the most recent three financial years may be submitted.

    Prequalification of the General Contractor will be based on:
    - References
    - Technical competence of the General Contractor
    - Technical competence of the consultants an major subcontractors.
    - Economic and Financial capacity.

  7. Fee
    There will be no fee for participation in the tender.


  8. Award criteria
    The most economically advantageous tender.

  9. Basis for Contract
    ABT 93, General Conditions for turnkey contracts, issued by the Danish Ministry of Housing on 22 December 1993.

  10. Expected time schedule
    Invitation to tender: September 2015
    Tender: October 2015
    Contract: January 2016
    Hand-over: December 2016

  11. Questions
    Please send any questions by email to:
    Phone: +45 8732 3263

  12. Deadline for receipt of applications
    The application for prequalification must be submitted to the Project Department, Aarhus University Hospital, and must be received not later than 24 August 2015 at 14:00.

    Applications must be sent by email to:

    The email must be entitled: ”Prequalification AUH H2”


Publiceret: 26.06.2015.