The Central Denmark Region is currently reshaping and modernizing the structure of the regions hospitals. As part of this modernizing, Aarhus University Hospital, which is currently located at 5 different sites throughout Aarhus, will be relocated in new facilities at DNU, The New University Hospital in Aarhus.

The Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET-Center at Aarhus University Hospital is relocating to new facilities at DNU in the period 2018-2020 and is seeking partnerships with suppliers of equipment necessary for The Departments production of radiopharmaceuticals at the Departments new facilities at DNU.

The scope of the contract is the manufacture, delivery, installation, testing and potentially service and maintenance of the major parts involved in The Departments production of radioactive pharmaceuticals.  The "rigging" of the Equipment (the moving of the Equipment into the Customer's installation site) is the responsibility of the Customer. The Customer shall take the necessary measures and bear the cost of the rigging, unless the Supplier requests otherwise.

The scope is divided into the following lots:

  • Lot 1: Cyclotron
  • Lot 2: Hotcells
  • Lot 3: Switching system
  • Lot 4: Dispenser
  • Lot 5: Shielded Laminar Air Flow workbench (LAF) for Tc-99m Generators


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Deadline for the receipt of tenders:

NEW DEADLINE December 8 2016, at 12:00 noon (Local time)

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2nd of November:

  • Pdf-version of the ESPD-document has been removed as it was not adequate.


Published: 06.10.2016

Reviewed: 24.11.2016