EU contract notice number: 2016/S 208-376200

The scope of the contract is the design, delivery, installation and testing of a Proton Treatment Planning System (PTPS) for proton and photon therapy including all related functionalities and services. 

The scope includes: 

  • Software and licenses for a complete PTPS
  • Server hardware, required by the tenderer to be delivered by the tenderer
  • Necessary server hardware and workstations to be installed centrally for remote access (ex. Citrix farm). (This part optional for the Contracting Authority to buy.)
  • Service agreement


November 2nd, 2016:

  • A new version of the ESPD-document has been uploaded November 2nd, 2016. This version replaces the previous version of the ESDP-document
Published: 27.10.2016.
Reviewed: 03.11.2016.