Central Denmark Region is establishing The Danish Centre of Particle Therapy (DCPT) located at The New University Hospital in Aarhus. The centre will be integrated in an interdisciplinary academic environment, which combines the patient treatment at the best hospital in Denmark with the largest existing research centre of radiation treatment in Scandinavia and the only centre for accelerator physics in Denmark.
The Tender regarding purchase of the actual proton accelerator is at present in the final phase and the bidding suppliers have submitted their final tenders. The design and placement of the proton equipment constitutes the most important part of the overall building work, and the requirements of the supplier of the equipment on the building parts constitute a significant part of the tender documents of the present contract.

The present contract solely comprises the turnkey contract in connection with the establishment of the overall facility/building excluding the supply of the proton equipment, but including the constructional installations required for support of the proton equipment.

The procurement will be undertaken using the competitive dialogue procedure. 

EU contract notice number: 2014/S 222-391662:

Further details on the planned facility and service can be obtained from the initial project proposal submitted by the Authority on September 30, 2012; the evaluation report by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority, November 19, 2012 and the Strategic Business Plan from Danish Ministry of Health and Prevention, July 4, 2013. See the relevant links listed below:

Prequalification documents:

Further informations:

Information meeting, Wednesday, 26.11.2014:


• Published: 25.11.2014.

• Reviewed: 03.12.2014.