This page is for partners who have been invited to MidtRum in connection with an assignment or project in coorporation with Region Midtjylland.

What MidtRum?

MidtRum is an online tool for cooperation. With it, you can create collaborative workgroups that can communicate and work on shared documents.

MidtRum is operated and supported by Corporate Communications Web Team.

Features in MidtRum

  • Workgroups - open and closed
  • Document management with folders and subfolders
  • Editing shared documents
  • Version control on documents
  • Comments on documents
  • Discussions
  • Calendar activities
  • Member overview
  • User profiles with contact information and competencies
  • Search for groups, documents and members
  • Notification emails

NOTE: MidtRum must not be used for sensitive personal data.

Below you find user guides to MidtRum. If you have any further questions, please contact

Video introduction 

We recommend using headphones when watching the video.

Gå ind på adressen øverst på siden for at se videoen.

How to communicate with your workgroup

How to create and upload documents

How to version control documents

How to create an activity

How to create favorites

Daily digest e-mails