In 2003, Central Denmark Region entered a strategic partnership with Shanghai. Collaborating with one of the world's most innovative cities has strengthened the international profil of Central Denmark Region to the benefit of inhabitants, institutions and organisations in the region. In the last 16 years, Central Denmark Region has created a strong platform for knowledge-sharing between Denmark and China and established a broad network with relevant authorities and decision-makers in Shanghai. Currently, the collaboration covers the areas of health, culture, education, research and innovation. 


There are ongoing delegations from Shanghai visiting Central Denmark Region to be inspired and collect experiences on solutions within for instance healthcare. Central Denmark Region has visits from the Director of Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission, Wu Jinglei, in 2018 as well as the Deputy director of Shanghai Civil Affairs Commission, Mei Zhe, in 2019. Moreover, Central Denmark Region and VIA University College collaborate with the Huangpu district in Shanghai.


The collaboration agreement with Shanghai also includes exchanges within the area of culture and Central Denmark Region supports several Danish-Chinese cultural activities in the region, such as "65 years of Diplomatic Relations between Denmark and China" from 2015 and "China-Denmark Cities and Regions Forum" from 2018 in Aarhus. Moreover, Central Denmark Region supports the collaboration with the Royal Danish Ballet School in Holstebro and Shanghai Theatre Academy.


Central Denmark Region education policies focus among other things on internationalisation and through the strategic partnership with Shanghai, Central Denmark Region supports the collaboration between educational institutions and Chinese partners; this covers both upper secondary schools, business academies and universities. In connection with this, Shanghai's Deputy mayor for Education, Chen Qun, visited Central Denmark Region in 2019. 

Research and innovation

Central Denmark Region supports the knowledge institutions in the region in their efforts in relation to China for instance by creating platforms for collaboration with Chinese partners. In the period 2011-2018, Central Denmark Region created a programme resulting in 15 innovation projects targeted at the Chinese market. Moreover, Central Denmark Region supports Aarhus Municipality's collaboration with the Pudong district in Shanghai.

Further information

If you are interested in further information about the partnership between Central Denmark Region and Shanghai, or wish to have a visit from a Chinese delegation, please contact

Jonas Flintegaard

Jonas Flintegaard
Contactperson: Strategic relationship with Shanghai, China

M: +45 6161 5360


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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

The co-operation agreement between Central Denmark Region and Shanghai is supplemented by a number of letters of intent, MoU’s, specifying projects and activities to be accomplished within a specific number of years. The two current MoU’s can be viewed here:

MoU with Shanghai

MoU with Science and Technology Commission Shanghai Municipality