A tool based on artificial intelligence can predict acute illness and a digital system can help people with dementia. These are two examples of health innovation initiatives created in a partnership with Central Denmark Region. This type of partnership collaboration has been acknowledged with four out of four EU stars and will attract attention from abroad.

The European Commission is behind this initiative and awards stars to partnerships focused on innovative health solutions for the growing population of elderly in the EU. At the same time, the partnerships become so-called reference sites for the entire EU. 

Digital solutions in for instance hospitals, homecare and nursing homes are developed through strong partnerships. The partnerships and collaboration are now rewarded by EU. Photo: Agata Lenczewska-Madsen.

This is the first time Central Denmark Region tries to become a reference site. This has been done in close collaboration with Aarhus Municipality, a front-runner in digital and innovative solutions in this area – also internationally. The region is now labelled as a reference site with four out of four possible stars. 

- Getting four out of four possible stars the first time we apply is an acknowledgement of our strong regional partnerships across hospitals, municipalities, education and knowledge institutions, companies and citizens. We know the number of elderly citizens is growing and we need to find new solutions. This means we have to collaborate across sectors and institutions, and this does not happen without the strategic focus and good intentions we have in our region, says Anders Kühnau, Chairman of the Regional Council in Central Denmark Region. 

The advantage of being a pioneer in Europe 

Being a reference site in the EU European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA), other countries will look even more to Central Denmark Region for inspiration and investments in health solutions.

- This title is a seal of approval of what we are capable of. It can pave the way for hospitals, municipalities and companies to enter into collaboration with leading partners abroad to obtain more and better solutions for citizens. Moreover, this can also lead to business opportunities for the many companies in our region working with health innovation, says Anders Kühnau.

Central Denmark Region will officially receive the European acknowledgement this Wednesday at the conference AAL Forum 2019 (Active Assisted Living) in Aarhus. The European Commission will award EIP on AHA stars to the reference sites at this conference.

The status as a four-star reference site is valid for three years; then Central Denmark Region will have to submit a new application.