PhoneIn the event of serious accidents and lifethreatening illness, call 1-1-2

What happens when you call 1-1-2?

When you call 1-1-2, you are initially put through to the police emergency call centre. Tell them immediately where you are calling from.

Contacting a healthcare professional

When the police know your location, and if your call involves a medical emergency or an accident, you will be given help over the telephone by a healthcare professional at the AMK Control Centre. The healthcare professional will ensure that you get the right help.

What will you be asked?

You will be asked about the nature of the emergency and what has happened.

If it is life-threatening

If the situation is life-threatening, an ambulance will be dispatched immediately. While this is happening, the healthcare professional at the AMK Control Centre will stay on the line to talk to you.

Helpful advice over the telephone

You will be given advice about what you can do until the ambulance arrives.

When it is not life-threatening

In the vast majority of cases, the situation is not life-threatening. If this is the case, the conversation will be longer and more questions will be asked. This is to ascertain the best way to help you. Sometimes, it is not necessary to send an ambulance, and you will be given advice about what you can do instead.

Who are you talking to?

The healthcare professionals who help you at the AMK Control Centre are experienced nurses or paramedics.

Why might you have to wait?

If there are a lot of seriously ill or injured people at that time, you might have to wait for an ambulance. You will be informed if you will have to wait a long time for an ambulance. If you need help while you are waiting, you will be given help over the telephone. The AMK Control Centre must always ensure that help is given to those most seriously ill or injured first. You are always welcome to call again if it gets worse.

What type of help can you get?

  • 1-1-2 first-aiders
  • Rapid response vehicle
  • Ambulance
  • Paramedic vehicle
  • Air ambulance
  • Other help