Our centre was established in 2012. The ambition is to promote innovation and spread of telemedicine and telehealthcare within Central Denmark Region. We believe that such initiatives are the key to a cohesive and interconnected healthcare system, which encourages and enables patients to master their own health.

Our Strategic Objectives

We are working with 5 strategic objectives:

Facilitating assessment, selection and scaling of sustainable telemedicine and telehealthcare initiatives

Serving as a knowledge forum for telemedicine and telehealthcare in Central Denmark region

Underpinning an effective it-infrastructure

Mapping future needs for telemedicine and telehealthcare

Promoting user involvement


Below you can read a short description of the Danish Healthcare System, telemedical projects and initiatives, employees at the centre and tools.

Public Health Care in Denmark

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Digital strategies

Below you can download strategies for digital welfare and digital security.

For more information see Agency for Digitisation

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