Centre for Telemedicine and Telehealthcare has 5 permanently employed members of staff, a few project consultants and several student employees.

Contact a member of staff if you have any questions or if you are simply curious to learn more about our activities.

Britta Ravn

Britta Ravn

Head of department

Tel.: +45 2342 6734

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Lea Nørgaard Bek

Lea Nørgaard Bek, Center for Telemedicin, Region Midtjylland


Tel.: +45 3138 2882

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Susanne Daugaard

 Susanne Daugaard, Center for Telemedicin, Region Midtjylland


Tel.: +45 2133 7685

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Halfdan Eika

Halfdan Eika


Tel.: +45 2162 1897

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Ingrid Munk

Ingrid Munk300_400.jpg


Tel. +45 2434 7395

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Martin Jürgensen

Martin Honoré.jpg


Tel. +45 2924 1396

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Nanna Sørensen

Nanna Sørensen

Project Manager

Tel.: +45 2497 4240

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Claus B. Jeppesen

Claus B. Jeppesen, Center for Telemedicin


Tlf. 2497 4266

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Litten R. Christensen

Christina Valente

Christina Jakobsen

IT Architect (Maternity leave)

Tel.: +45 2462 1675

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