Haemophilia is a chronic disease that requires life long treatment. Patients and relatives take on a tremendous responsibility in the daily treatment of their disease with regards to keeping track of their use of medicine (factor therapy) and maintaining their personal bleeding incidence record.

An assessment of both the patients' and healthcare professionals' needs, revealed that the current way of recording drug use and bleeding incidences is not providing the necessary support in everyday  life for the patients. Nor does it provide the necessary foundation for choosing the correct treatment.

Decision Support in Treatment

The aim of the project is to develop a telemedical concept that gives patients suffering from haemophilia as well as healthcare professionals the best possible foundation for making qualified individual choices of treatment.

The goal of the concept is to secure more accurate information on patient's bleedings and their use of factor treatment, as well as providing a tool for at more qualified dialogue between patients and doctors. Furthermore, the concept should encourage patient empowerment making it possible for patients to take control of the disease.

The project 'Decision support in treatment of haemophilia' is a cooperation between The Danish Haemophilia Society, the two haemophilia centers at Rigshospitalet and Aarhus University Hospital and the two telemedical centers in the Capital Region and Central Denmark Region. It was initiated in 2015 and is expected to be ready for implementation in 2018.

For further information please contact Claus B. Jeppesen: clajee@rm.dk