AmbuFlex is a web based dialogue and decision support tool for patient and healthcare professionals. The idea is that patients answer short questionnaires about their own health status. Based on the answers an algorithm categorises the patients into a green, yellow or red group. The healthcare professionals are then able to gain insight into the patient's health condition and assess the next step in the treatment.

How it works

If a patient is in the red group they should visit the outpatient clinic, if they are in the yellow group further clarification should be achieved through a phone call and if they are in the green group they receive another questionnaire after a defined period of time. However, the patient is always able to request a consultation in the outpatient clinic. The method is also called Patient Reported Outcome, or PRO.

By using AmbuFlex patients avoid unnecessary check-ups at the outpatient clinic, without lowering the quality of treatment. Treatment is planed according to the individual needs of each patient which secures high quality and efficient treatment. The patients experience more flexibility, increased knowledge of their own disease and symptoms as well as a more patient-centered care. Also the staff is satisfied using AmbuFlex as it allows them to be well prepared prior to outpatient visits and focus on complex patient needs as opposed to using time on routine visits.

Effect of using AmbuFlex

AmbuFlex is currently used by more than 24.000 patients in Central Denmark Region alone, and for 18 different patient groups. Among the patients group are patients suffering from epilepsy, prostate cancer and patients receiving chemotherapy. A study from 2015 showed that face-to-face consultation for outpatients with epilepsy was reduced by 48 % using AmbuFlex and PRO. See the illustration for more information.

AmbuFlex and PRO


Tele-Patient Reported Outcome in Central Denmark Region
reduces the number of face-to-face consultations for outpatients
with epilepsy by 48%.

AmbuFlex is developed by Hospital unit Vest in Herning in Central Denmark Region.

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