Patients suffering from COPD often draw on health care services across different sectors. Also, they are known to have difficulties in recognising the onset of an exacerbation and subsequent delay in initiating treatment in time. The result is undesirable fall backs and admission at the hospital, thus patients with COPD account for a high burden in healthcare services overall.

With the use of home monitoring technology, the intention is to bring higher quality and flexibility in treatment, better patient safety, improved patient empowerment as well as a higher health-related quality of life.

By using home monitoring of e.g. heart rate and oxygen saturation in the blood, patients avoid transportation to the hospital. Furthermore, resources are also released at the hospital, because of a reduction in readmissions and unnecessary outpatient visits.

An important project

The project is a breakthrough for telemedicine in Denmark, since it is one of the first national home monitoring projects. The project is a cooperation between the hospitals in Central Denmark Region, the 19 municipalities in the region and the general practitioners in the region. To be able to achieve the vision hospitals, municipalities and general practitioners  are obliged to find new ways of co-operating with the patient across sectors and customize their working procedures to the use of telemedicine.

The project is still under development and is expected to be ready for implementation ultimo 2019.

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