Regional development in the Central Denmark Region

Central Denmark Region strives to ensure a good life for all 1.3 million citizens. Our ambition is to be an attractive and sustainable region and we wish to contribute to and promote sustainable solutions to major challenges both nationally and globally.

Tasks and areas of responsibility

We are responsible for:

  • handling risks from soil and groundwater pollution (mapping, investigation and sanitation)
  • raw material mapping and the administration of raw material extraction permits
  • commissioning and payment of regional bus and light rail operations between major cities across municipalities
  • green transition, sustainability and climate adaptation - within the organization and across different geographical areas
  • developing a good cultural life throughout the region by supporting the cultural operators
  • developing good education offerings throughout the region
  • working with rural areas to create a better balance between the countryside and the city
  • cross-border, EU- and other international collaborations.

Development in partnerships

Across all areas, we work in broad partnerships to ensure that political visions and solutions for our society's critical problems can be transformed into actions and benefit as many people as possible.

We work closely with educational institutions, businesses and municipalities on a range of projects.  Every year, Central Denmark Region invests in development projects within culture, education, rural development, climate adaptation and health innovation. We also collaborate with international partners and undertake many projects with funding from the EU.

Contact information

Contact information is listed below along with areas of expertise.

Director of Regional Development in the Central Denmark Region

Kim Kofod Hansen


M: +45 2043 4304

International projects

Henrik Jensen


M: +45 2140 1302

Health innovation

Pia Wiborg Astrup


M: +45 2135 8845


Henrik Lodberg


M: 2325 3813

Education, skills and competence

Ruth Strøm


M: +45 2929 0263

Soil contamination - Municipal Collaboration

Lone Egeris Lund


T: +45 7841 1926

Soil contamination – Ground water

Jesper Bach Simensen 


T: +45 7841 1927

Soil contamination - Preliminary Site Investigations

Kaspar Rüegg


T: +45 7841 1913

M: +45 2962 0223

Natural resources and mining

Lars Ernst


T: +45 7841 1940


Rolf Johnsen


M: +45 962 0830

Strategic relationship with Shanghai

Jonas Flintegaard 


M: +45 6161 5360

Rural districts

Ulrik Nørgaard Rønsbo


M: +45 3051 6038