Our world - our responsibility

Central Denmark Region have more than 30.000 employees, and we have a significant consumption of resources, particularly in our hospitals. As a public organization, we have a responsibility to ensure that our carbon footprint is reduced.

In January 2021, the Regional Council adopted the Central Denmark Region's Strategy for Sustainability 2030. The strategy outlines the Council's visions and goals for sustainability within our organization. The aim is for us to have sustainable procurement, increased reuse and recycling, and minimal consumption by 2030. By 2050, our organization will be carbon-neutral.

Focus Areas

The strategy focuses on four key areas:

1. Circular Economy

We demand from our suppliers that they act and think in a sustainable way and we collaborate with them to reach the UN global goals. We want to reduce the consumption and climate footprint of the products we use. We will create less waste and increase recycling of resources.

2. Electricity, Water, and Heat

By 2030, we will only use renewable energy in our hospitals, institutions etc. as well as support the transition to no use of fossil fuels. We will continue to focus on effective and sustainable running of our buildings.

3. Logistics, Transportation, and Mobility

We will reduce the climate footprint of transport of goods, patients and employees by minimising number of kilometres driven and by transition to green fuels such as biogas, biodiesel, hydrogen and electricity.

4. Social Responsibility

We will be an attractive and socially responsible workplace with a sustainable work environment and diversity in staff composition.

Read Sustainability Strategi 2030 for Central Denmark Region.